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Search Capabilities

Search the Premier Plan and Premier Plan Plus Formulary by medication name or type. Search results include:

  • The drug tier, which determines the copay (amount) or coinsurance (percentage) that the member will be required to pay for the drug;
  • Notes & Restrictions for the drug, such as prior authorization, quantity limits or step therapy requirements;
  • The effective date of the formulary and the date it was last updated;
  • Non-Formulary (NF) drugs. If your drug is not covered, you have options for requesting a medication exception.

Mobile device users should open the tool in a new window for the best search experience.

Please note that the search tool below is current as of 2020, and coverage for 2021 may be different. If you are searching for drugs covered in 2021, you can download and print the 2021 Premier Plan and Premier Plus Formulary (effective 6/1/2021). The search tool below will be updated for 2021 when it is available.

For drug list limits and other requirements, see the Premier Plan and Premier Plan Plus Prior Authorization Criteria (effective 6/1/2021) and the Premier Plan and Premier Plan Plus Step Therapy Criteria (effective 6/1/2021) and Premiere Plan and Premiere Plan Plus Quantity Limits Criteria (effective 6/1/2021).

Page updated 12/30/2020